About Us

With decades of experience, Building Service Specialists Inc. is organized and managed by an elite group of diverse facility maintenance professionals. Based on their relative experience in business and in the service industry, our expert management team is the key to our success. When you contract services with BSSI, you can rest assured that your facility will receive the very best attention the industry has to offer and a professional experience from start to finish. We are dedicated to providing specialty services associated with offering facilities healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly alternatives for the workplace. BSSI is a State of Michigan Corporation certified as a Woman Business Enterprise.

Quality Overview

BSSI provides a variety of services to help you maintain the professional look and feel of your building. We are committed to continual improvement to ensure our innovation translates to the most effective and efficient service for our clients. We remove waste by implementing lean principles so that our clients only get value added results. Our work order tracking with client comments and periodic surveys serves our commitment to listen to your feedback and ensure a quality service. Our approach to understanding the needs of our clients and being your responsive resource has allowed us to receive the highest marks in customer satisfaction. Quality trained people and process is what each client has with BSSI.

Safety Overview

BSSI is committed to an injury-free workplace. Our dedication to safety is accomplished by taking a proactive approach to ensure a safe work environment. At BSSI, we are committed to a drug free work environment. An environment that supports identifying and controlling all hazards your employees may face in the workplace. We continually review and audit our program so that it stays current with new practices in an ever-evolving industry. BSSI is focused when it comes to communication in the field between management and trades so that all hazards are identified and dealt with before work begins and continually as work progresses. BSSI services ensure that all local, state, federal and customer requirements are met for a safe workplace. Working closely with our customer, site requirements are communicated effectively to all levels of the project. BSSI has a zero tolerance for unsafe work activities on all of our projects and works diligently to maintain a safe work environment for everyone.